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Our Concept

Health Koncious focuses on providing affordable plant-based lunch service to its local community! To deliver a wide variety of menus inspired by the seasonal ingredients and prepared with the freshest farm to table experience provided by our team of local farmers.

Our Chef

Chef Nicole Asali is advocate for healthy eating and focuses her career on teaching all ages how to successfully prepare healthy meals with over 6 years of culinary experience. She has successful crafted the art of Meal prepping, batch cooking, healthy alternatives, and food transitioning. When asked what her food philosophy is Chef Nicole  responded " I believe in teaching people that with food you can indulge without destroying your body. That we need to become more aware of what we eat while also maintaining functionality. Iā€™m not asking for extreme changes in our diets but to transition our mindsets so we can learn how to recognizing the difference between life giving foods and life taking. So then we can make Health Koncious decisions."

Our Food

We loathe the idea of healthy food being seen as only salads and rice cakes.Owner and Executive Chef Nicole Asali hurls a well equipped staff that shifts common thoughts about healthy food with a diverse approach to creating menus reflecting varied backgrounds: Global, Street-Food Inspired, Classic American & Indigenous Comfort Foods. Chef Asali and her staff believes in giving new takes on familiar flavors. We source our produce from a network of over 15 local farms and always use freshest produce available. By purchasing Health Koncious you are supporting local farmers and agriculture. Healing the earth, your mind, and nurturing your body. 

Our Info
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