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Count Colors Not Calories

We’re living in the “Micro-Nutrition” Era where everyone is focused on calories, rigid diets, and fear based eating. We believe in the most natural approach of simply trusting mother nature! It shouldn’t be so hard! Breathe, Relax, and trust that with quality fuel, your body knows exactly how to treat you. We want to make your experience and relationship with food stress free!

"Vegan shouldn’t taste like tree bark."

— Chef Asali

How it Works

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Meet the

Chef Nicole Asali created Health Koncious in 2016 and has done more than redefine an old tradition of veganism: She started a new one. Guided by an international palate, she fuses unique cooking techniques from around the world to create interesting flavors and textures. Health Koncious makes everything using locally sourced ingredients from our original home in O.K.C. , and our new additional city in Dallas. To achieve optimal flavor, our products are made with creativity, mindfulness, soulful plays on flavor, and 100% Health Koncious intentions!