How It Works

Health Koncious meals arrive in an oven safe container and heating instructions for you to enjoy your holidays. Our lean holiday meals can be delivered fresh (never frozen) or picked up every Sunday. The coolers keep your meals tasty and fresh while being delivered to your home or office. We designed our 100% vegan meals to fit any family size or need! You can follow our suggeseted order size and packages or pick and choose what you want to have from our menu options.

  • How will I receive my meals

    • Your meals will arrive refrigerated in an insulated container

  • How long will my food keep

  • How do I prepare my meal

    • Heating suggestions are on each meal

  • How are the meals prepared? Is anything Fried

    • No everything is made from scratch, just how granny likes it

  • Do I have to add anything to my meals

    • No just heat eat and enjoy

  • How long will the food keep!

    • Our foods extremely fresh so as long as you refrigerate it, it should keep for 3-4 days.


  • What Oils Do you use

    • Olive oil

    • Coconut Oil

    • Sesame oil

    • Avacado oil

  • What Salts Do you use

    • Celtic salt

    • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

  • What Sugars do you use

    • Agave

    • Pure Maple syrup

    • Coconut sugar

    • Date sugar

  • What Spices do you use

    • Our blends are a secret! We love organic herbs and spices and tend to have a heavy hand on the flavor. We encourage to use a large spice variety for medicinal purposes. Spices help regulate digestion, blood circulations, hormones, and so much more. Our favorites are cinnamon, cayenne, and turmeric but we have to much variety to list.

  • How many Calories are in your food

    • We count colors not calories. We believe in electric non hybrid foods. Everything is naturally made and derived from plants, we believe it is not about the quantity, but the quality. The 150 calories in a piece of cake will affect your blood sugar differently than a bowl of broccoli & brown rice with the same calories count.  Moreover, it will not provide the same nutrients.


  • Do I have to pay full price to save my Pickup/ delivery date

    • We offer customers two payment plan options for meal kits priced over $120. These options give customers the flexibility to have the meal kits paid in two or four payment options.

  • Is there a delivery fee

    • Yes delivery fees start at $20 for the first 50 miles. $0.10 a mile added extra